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Hardware and Software Services

Signalling Circuit Design

We can design interface circuits and location cases in accordance with the various railway standards used in Indonesia, Europe, Australia and the Asia Pacific regions.

CBI Data Preparation

We can perform vital electronic interlocking data preparation, simulation and testing for VPI, Microlok, VHLC and PLC-based interlockings. We have also developed support tools for Microlok that auto-generate the initial data population, reducing the time required for data entry.

Control Systems

Our experienced staff can design, modify and deliver simple or complex central control systems based on SCADA control software, specialising in PcVue and Phoenix.

Power Calculations

We carry out power calculations according to customer requirements, including maximum and minimum determinations, cable length voltage drops and equipment loadings.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Transport System Solutions has a specialised Design and Drawing department that can perform a range of services for the road and railway sectors. These services include:

Drawing Digitisation

We can digitise your hard copy drawings into electronic drawings using benchmark tools and techniques.

Drawing Conversion

Our skilled operators can convert between AutoCAD and MicroStation and from Quickdraw to AutoCAD and MicroStation. Additionally, we can convert between AutoCAD Electrical and MicroStation EED or Bentley Electric.

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