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Level Crossings

Barrier mechanisms are used to visually and physically close off level crossings with a barrier.

Smooth functioning under all circumstances, reliability, a long life span and minimal maintenance are core qualities of our level crossing system, guaranteeing the safety of road users, passengers, personnel and materials.

  1. Level crossing signal - especially for LX protection systems, Transport System Solutions has developed the LED XC-signal especially for LX protectio systems. With the application of LEDs, maximum reliability and safety are guaranteed. If one LED-group fails, the signal nevertheless remains optimally visible. Moreover, the LEDs rapidly reach their maximum brightness and also switch off quickly, resulting in flashing signals with much higher visibility.
  2. Electronic bells - the LX protection system is equipped with an electronic bell type EBA. Most unique are the facts that the sound pressure is adjustable and that the bell has a day/night switch function. The bell is available in a large number of various voltages. And you can also choose a number of different sounds.
  3. LED Barrier - The aluminium level-crossing barrier with integrated LED-modules is innovative in every respect.

The level crossing barrier is equipped with a breaking construction, a cable between the level crossing barrier and the support prevents the barrier being flung away by the force of a collision. The level crossing barrier has maximum visibility since it is equipped with LED lighting modules and retro-reflecting foil in white and red, on both sides of the barrier there is a permanent anti-graffiti coating.

Download Level Crossings Brochure

  1. Lx 1 (.pdf)
  2. Lx Barrier Mechanism (.pdf)
  3. Lx Barrier with LED Module (.pdf)
  4. Lx Electronic Bells (.pdf)
  5. Lx LED Signals (.pdf)
  6. Lx Road Signal (.pdf)

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